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WWE Raw - Ultimate Edition: 8 in 1

منتدى الألعاب الإلكترونيه للاجهزه و الكمبيوتر

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عضو مميز vip


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افتراضي WWE Raw - Ultimate Edition: 8 in 1

WWE Raw - Ultimate Edition: 8 in 1 | 4.30 GB
Genre: Action/Sport/Simulation | Developer: THQ | Platform: PC

On the game: WWE Raw will allow for - truly feel like a superstar professional leagues of fighting without rules, giving unprecedented control. Best combat simulator in the world is full of new features, incredible graphics, highly realistic fights in the ring and outside it. Unique fighters, punching, kicking, head - are allowed almost all the crunch of breaking the back of the subjects, uncompromising battle one on one and group competitions, fantastic shots, and more integrated into the game.

The collection contains such games:
-WWE Raw vs SmackDown - Vengeance
-WWE Raw vs SmackDown - Power is Back
-WWE Raw vs SmackDown - WWE vs ESW
-WWE RAW - Legends 2007
-WWE RAW - (2007)
-WWE RAW - 2002
-WWE RAW - Total Edition 2008
-WWE RAW - Ultimate Impact 2009


WWE RAW - Ultimate Impact 2009
This simulator reslenga will truly feel like a super star of the professional leagues of MMA, giving unprecedented control. Now you can break his opponent's face, to show different tricks and much more.

WWE RAW - Total Edition
WWE RAW: Total Edition will truly feel like a superstar professional leagues of MMA, giving unprecedented control. Best flight simulator combat in the world, designed for video game systems, next generation, replete with new features, incredible graphics, highly realistic WWE fights in the ring and outside it.

WWE RAW - Legends
WWE Raw Legends lets you experience the life of this legend! Quality fighters and soprovozhdayuschayu music! The game for those who are certainly not indifferent to wrestling!

Wrestling - the legend came from the 30-ies in the tough sport of today. The bloody show just for the present and proven fighters.

The engine of WWE RAW with minimal changes, major changes have touched a set of characters.

WWE Raw vs SmackDown - Power is Back
A large number of weapons, which breaks down on the enemy, if a table or a chair ... A huge number of wrestlers, so you can create your ..

WWE Raw vs SmackDown - Vengeance
New command possibilities, concerted action wrestlers would "take out" opponents quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, accessible new "Fatality" and "combo".

WWE RAW (2007)
The famous wrestling on a personal computer. Excellent graphics, 44 well-known characters and several game modes make WWE Raw 2007 a fascinating and beautiful game.

1. Unpack the archive
2. Run autorun.exe
3. Choose Install the game!
4. Or run Setup.exe and install all the games collection!

Title: WWE Raw
Release issued: 2002-2009
Genre: Action/Sport/Simulation
Developer: THQ
Publisher: TopWare Interactive
Publication Type: License
Lang: English & Russian

Minimum system requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/Win7
Processor: CPU P4 2,0 GHz
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Sound device: compatible with DirectX
Video: 128 MB



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WWE Raw - Ultimate Edition: 8 in 1

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